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I’m so fucking pissed off I just realized they’re called pancakes because they’re cakes you make in a frying pan fuck english.


Oh my fucking god I’m furious.


the raven boys + name meanings

It’s all just a bunch of hocus pocus!



Adult things arent NEARLY as complex as I thought they were growing up I just walked into bank of america and said im here to open a checking account and they said ok and opened me a checking account

This gives me hope



my first media page. i myself use this for anime recs (here’s a big working preview for that) but it can be used for movies, books, tv shows or what ever you want to with little customization. black and white color options. use colors wisely and here are the instructions for customizing and installing (there’s also some info in the coding), everything you need to change is written with CAPITAL LETTERS. be careful while editing the coding ok there’s a lot of stuff in there. anyway follow the rules and have fun!

→ preview,  download [black]
→ (working) preview,  download [white]

- links for home, ask, archive + theme credit
- working isotope filtering for tags, you can add them as much as you want to
- tags visible on pop up box
- search box 
- black and white pre set color options

- hover template for your own comments
- template images 173x274px
- comment images max 123x123px
- places for media title, wikipedia link, many details, quote, own comments and summary
- add as many templates as you want to

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Another year, another thing to worry about



do u ever cry thinking about ronan lynch lying in bed at night trying to work out how to tell adam about his crush like ronan being absolutely heart-stoppingly terrified that adam will reject him if he does say anything so he says nothing and stays awake at night staring at the ceiling figuring out words that he won’t ever say?

bc dream!adam, “sullen and elegant and fluently disdainful of dream-Ronan’s clumsy attempts to communicate” (tdt 39) becomes waking!ronan’s understanding of adam parrish, to the point where ronan is taken aback by times when waking!adam smiles at something he says, or laughs with him, or treats him like a best friend. he’s so afraid of adam becoming like dream!adam that he forgets to see real!adam anymore.




i dont need a valentine i need 8 million dollars and a fast metabolism


cats in coats


fall out boy could actually hit me across the face with a 50 pound weight and it still wouldn’t hit me as hard as disloyal order of water buffaloes did when i first heard it

Maggie Stiefvater Q&A #8


How did Ronan’s sexuality come to be? I think I read that you said that when you were writing the story all those years ago he wasn’t gay so I had the question of whether it was a conscious decision you made or just something that Ronan was and that you couldn’t ignore?

Maggie said:

I was a shy navy brat who moved once a year and rarely looked outside herself; when I was young, it wasn’t so much that I wouldn’t write a queer character out of principle but that somewhat worse sin of not writing a queer character because it didn’t occur to me. What changed? I lived and travelled for a decade. When I rebooted the series and began mapping out all of the character arcs for it — who will end up where, what do they want, who do they love, who do they hate, will they get what they want? — I decided I wanted to write one character arc having to do with embracing one’s sexuality, something that tied in with the magical themes of the book. Ronan realizing that he was queer dovetailed really nicely with him coming to terms with his dream powers. I wanted to show how intimate the magic was, how intrinsic.

I guess I could ask: What are your thoughts on Ronan’s sexuality? I don’t think I even suspected he was anything but the usual heterosexual until I read The Dream Thieves.

Also, I hope you guys don’ t mind me adding questions! I’m just trying to generate some discussion :D

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